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JETMATIC was founded in Sala Baganza in February 2003. The partners, coming from beverage machines sector and strong of a long and specific experience, decided to specialize their manufacture in the construction of bottles rotative rinsers.
The initial decision to aim at innovation and development proved immediately a winning weapon and the interest of the clients for the applied technologies allowed JETMATIC to become partners of multinational companies, leaders of the sector.
JETMATIC offers extremely professional solutions able to satisfy each single client specific request. The assistance supplied by our company covers all business aspects, from the support consultation during the offer phase, proceeding with the technical advice during the design phase,  succeeding at the end in resolving all the problems proposed from the client.
Resources, experiences and technologies are so at disposal of the clients that need the best.
The JETMATIC service assistance assures a total coverage as to help the client with any possible problem or difficulty concerning the installation, maintenance and purchase of the spare parts.

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